Customer Care

1. How do I create an ALCINO account?
Creating an account in ALCINO ( is simple and uncomplicated.
To get started, click the top right corner of the “Your account” option.
On this page, under the question “Don’t you have an account?”, click on the “Register here” button and fill in your email and password. Select at the end the “Create Account” option.
You will then be forwarded to your personal account, where you will have access to all your personal data (you can edit whenever you need), to your address book, subscriptions, order history, discounts, loyalty, cookies and, if you wish, you can delete your account.
Confirmation of the creation of your account is finalized by sending an email by ALCINO.

2. How do I access my ALCINO account?
You can access your personal account at whenever you want to check all your orders and change your personal data.
To sign in to your account, click the “Your account” in the upper right corner. On the login page, fill in your email address and password in the “Are you already a registered customer?” option and click the “Sign In” button.

3. How can I recover my password?
If you are already a customer registered, but you can’t remember which keyword, you should follow the following steps:
Click in the upper right corner of the “Your account” option.
When viewing the question “Are you already a registered customer?” and below “Sign in”, you should click on the option that follows “Forgot your password?”
Just enter your email address and click the “Reset my password” button.
After successfully submitting your recovery request, please check your email mailbox to complete the process.

4. I need to change the personal data in my ALCINO account. How can i do it?
You can change your personal data in your account quickly and effectively.
After signing in you are forwarded to your personal account where you can edit your data. If you are browsing the site and have already logged in click on the “Your account” option in the upper right corner.
If you have any questions or need help, please contact our Customer Support team by phone: +351 225 371 909 (hotline available for national and international calls), from 09 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm Monday to Friday or by e-mail:

5. I don’t intend to receive any more emails. How to proceed?
If you want to stop receiving ALCINO newsletters with news, exclusive collections and campaigns, you can do so through your personal account.
After you sign in to, click the “Subscriptions” option. On this page you can manage your choice of receiving or not receiving newsletters.

6. Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can delete your account at any time. Sign in to and your personal account select the “Delete Account” option. On this page, enter your keyword in the requested field, check the “Permanently delete my account” option, and click the “Delete account” button.
This action is definitive and irreversible. After deleting the account, you will need to present your order documentation, including the invoice, so that you can enjoy warranties and/or other aspects related to your purchase.

Customer Support

Have questions about an article? You didn’t find an answer to your question?
ALCINO’S team is always available to help you and to clarify all your doubts. Contact us using the following means:

By Phone:
+351 225 371 909 / +351 918 806 912 – lines available for national and international calls), from 09 am – 1 pm and from 2 pm – 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

By e-mail:


The pieces are produced in Silver 925 with rhodium or gold baths.
1.How to take care of your jewelry?

Each jewel should be handled and used following some care in order to preserve its integrity over time.
What care should you take when using your jewelry?
Do not use the pieces while washing your hands, bathing, sleeping or playing sports.
Avoid using the pieces in the pool or on the beach. Contact with seawater and sand can damage jewelry.
Keep jewelry away from perfumes, cosmetics, hair products such as lacquers and other chemicals.
Avoid over-applying efforts on the parts as well as heavy duty where the part is subject to scratches by friction with other objects.
Sweat and SKIN PH may also influence the loss of color or oxidation of the part.
To keep the jewelry clean, you can use a silver-cleaning cloth smoothly, without any kind of chemical, to restore its shine and remove small stains. Chemicals should not be used in cleaning jewelry.

2.Are there silver jewelry that rusts?
The pieces of silver change color over time, a phenomenon that is called oxidation, that is, the darkening of the jewelry. This is only an outer layer that accumulates in the jewelry and that does not affect its quality, occurring even when the jewelry is stored for some time without any use.
All oxidation is superficial and is due to the reaction of each organism in contact with jewelry, and there are several origins to its manifestation. It is not advisable to contact with cosmetics, detergents of any kind or perfumes and it should be avoided completely the prolonged contact of jewelry with water (sea, swimming pool, etc.).
An additional care will be to store the jewelry individually in plastic bags, preventing direct contact with air and moisture. However, even in these conditions, oxidation will continue to occur at a slower rate since it is a natural process of silver.
Silver jewelry with the conventional color of silver may or may not have a rhodium bath, and if they do not, they will not be protected from oxidation such as the pieces that carry a gold bath.

Orders and Shipments

1. How is an ALCINO order processed?
After submission and payment of an order, delivery can be made up to 48 working hours in the case of customers with delivery address in the city of Porto. Also for customers who live in the city of Porto, we offer the option of pick up orders in any of our stores located in the center of Porto – and in this situation obviously do not apply the shipping costs. For Mainland Portugal, delivery times vary between 3-5 business days. For international shipments, delivery times vary depending on the destination of the delivery address but we always provide the tracking number so that the customer can follow the entire process of delivery of your order.

2. How to shop online?
Shopping in our online store is simple and safe.
1. Choose the items you like by browsing our Catalog of News, Jewelry and Home or through direct product search;
2. After you find the item you want to buy, click on “”Add to Cart”” button.
3. The item is added to your shopping cart, so you can continue to browse our page or finalize your purchase.
4. When you are ready to complete your purchase, you must access your Shopping Cart by clicking on the “”basket”” icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the site.
5. On the order confirmation page, you have access to information about your products and can save the items to your favorites list. It is also on this page that you must enter the promotional code, if you have a voucher or discount code to enjoy.
6. After filling in all the requested data click on the “”Checkout”” button.
7. The next step is to log in to the ALCINO website, choosing one of the following options: “”Are you already a registered customer?”” where you must log in or “”Not registered customer”” where you can register as a new customer or choose not to register, indicating only your name, email address and delivery address.
8. After logging in or registering on the website choose which payment method and where you want to receive your order: home delivery or collect in an ALCINO store.
9. To complete your purchase, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the “”Pay safely”” button.
10. If you choose as your Paypal or Easypay, you will be redirected to the respective pages to complete the payment. If you have chosen the ATM, you can access the payment data through your screen at the time of purchase, in addition to receiving the order confirmation email and SMS.
11. Upon completion of payment and purchase online, you receive in your registration email all your details of your order, delivery and billing details.
12. If you have any additional questions or questions, you can contact the Customer Support team by phone: +351 225 371 909 (line available for national and international calls), from 09 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm, Monday to Friday or by e-mail:

3. Can I remove the items that are in my shopping cart?
n your “Shopping Cart” you can find all the products you have added during your site browsing, as well as information about them, the chosen quantity and the price.
If you want to change the quantity chosen in a product, you must click the “+” or “-” button.
If you want to delete one of the articles click “Remove”.

4. How long does it take to deliver an order?
To receive your order online, you can choose one of the following:
Delivery at home:
Deliveries up to 48 working hours to delivery addresses in the city of Porto. Between 9 am and 7 p.m.
Collection at an ALCINO Store:
Delivery time is dependent on stock in store. Up to 2 business days.
Products on sale or with limited stock may take an additional 3 days.
Shipments to Mainland Portugal can range from €5.55 to €11.80 depending on the weight of the item(s) and its packaging. Delivery times vary between 3-5 business days.
Shipments to Europe can range from €7.80 to €23, depending on the weight of the item(s) and its packaging. Delivery times vary depending on the destination of the delivery address but an email is always sent with the tracking number to track the delivery of your order.
Shipments are subject to quotation and the price will be informed later via email. The payment of customs costs associated with the country of delivery is the entire responsibility of the customer.

5. Delivery time has passed and i have not yet received my order.
If you receive an email confirmation of shipment and your order does not arrive on time, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team by phone: +351 225 371 909 / +351 918 806 912 – lines available for national and international calls), from 09 am – 1 pm and from 2 pm – 7 pm, Monday to Friday or via e-mail:

6. How can I track the shipment of the order?
You can track the shipment of your order via the link that is sent in the body of text of the shipping confirmation email. Simply enter the tracking number and you will get all the information about the shipping status of your order.

If you have selected “Collect in an Alcino store” option, you will be contacted by email as soon as your order is available for pick-up at the store in question. To display your order, go to the ALCINO store and present the store operator with the confirmation email on your mobile phone or even print the online receipt invoice that you will receive in the in-store pick-up authorization email.

7. I was not present at the address indicated on the delivery of the order. What can I do now?
In the absence of the receiver, the carrier leaves a notification of attempted delivery, indicating the day and time when it will again attempt to deliver the order. You can also contact the Customer Support team so that we can contact the carrier to expedite the new delivery attempt according to your availability.

Payment Methods

1. What payment methods are available?
The payment methods available to pay for your orders are Easypay (ATM Ref, MBWay, VISA/Mastercard) and Paypal.

2. Do the amounts shown include VAT?
Yes, all amounts indicated in include VAT at the legal rate in force and represent the final price to pay for the chosen item. They will only increase shipping costs if they apply to the selected shipping method.

3. How to use a Gift Voucher or Discount Code?
The Gift Voucher or Discount Code can be used in the online store, in, in the field defined for this purpose, after selecting the means of payment.
Enter the corresponding code in the “Add Discount Code” option on your order confirmation page. After entering the code click on the “Apply Discount” button to be properly applied.
The discount code amount will be deducted in the total order amount. The Discount Code can only be used once in its entirety. Please note that discount codes may be subject to a set period of time, depending on the campaigns in force. You should always check the terms of your app and enjoy them before they expire.

4. Is it safe to buy at ALCINO online store?
Yes, it is safe to pay for your orders online Your payment data will never be stored.

Credit Card – Visa/Mastercard
Paying by Credit Card on the ALCINO website is 100% secure. We use SSL encrypted communication and work with a real-time connection to banking systems (Redunicre / SIBS).

If you choose to pay for your order with PayPal, you will be redirected to the page so that you can pay with your PayPal Account or your Credit/Debit Card quickly and securely, without sharing any financial information.

Payment by ATM is easy, simple and secure, and there is no risk of fraudulent use of your card.After order confirmation, ATM payment data is available on your screen, and via email and SMS. Payment can be made at an ATM or in your bank’s online service by choosing the option “Payment of services and/or purchases”.

You can pay for your orders through the MBWAY app. If you select this payment method, you must indicate the mobile phone number associated with your account and “”Accept”” or “”Decline”” payment in the app. Payment confirmation is immediate.
Learn more about MBWay in

Exchanges and Returns

1. I am not 100% satisfied with the purchased product. How should it proceed?
If you are not satisfied with the product(s) purchased in our online store you must exchange or return within 14 days of receiving your order. Exchanges and returns are only valid as long as the product is in the same condition as it was sold, in its original packaging and accompanied by all accessories (if applicable).

You may exchange the item(s) concerned for another item(s) provided that the amount is equal to or greater than the total amount paid for your order. You can make the exchange in any of the three Alcino stores, located in the center of Porto. Find out here which store is closest to you. If you do not have the option to make the exchange in store, you can exchange as follows: – An e-mail should be sent to:, with the attachment of the proof of purchase (electronic invoice or in the case of an offer, simply attach the offer receipt), inform you that you want to exchange the article(s) and communicating your details: name, address and telephone contact (preferably mobile phone).
– You must also attach a photograph of the article for which you want to exchange (you can print screen the image of the article or the items available in our online store)
– the cost of shipping the item to be returned is at the charge of the person who received it.
– the cost of sending the item or the items for which you intend to exchange is guaranteed by Alcino.

To return your order, you must send the item(s) in question to the address below, first informing us of your intention, through a written e-mail addressed to: with the subject “”Return – followed by your order number. You can also return to any of the Alcino stores within a maximum of 14 days after receiving the order. Find out here which store is closest to you. Once we receive the returned parts(s) and after verification that the same(s) have not been used or altered, you will receive a refund of the value of your purchase (no shipping charges included). The repayment may take between 1-7 days and will be made through the same means of payment that was used in the initial purchase or by bank transfer and in this case we will request by e-mail the corresponding IBAN.

Products subject to analysis due to Exchanges or Returns should be sent to the following address:
Manuel Alcino & Filhos Lda.
Campo 24 de Agosto, no 66, 4300-504 Porto

2. What are the conditions necessary for the exchange or return of an item?
We will only accept the exchange or return of items that are in the same state in which they were shipped, containing the original packaging and any accessories (if applicable).
The presentation of the electronic invoice/ invoice online receipt or gift receipt (where applicable) is indispensable for exchange or return. Once the item is sent to our address, we will review it and inform the customer of the right to refund.
Exchanges or returns of products with signs of use or misuse as well as products customized by the customer will not be accepted.
As a rule the refund is made through the same payment method used in the initial purchase but can be made by bank transfer, and in this case is requested the respective IBAN.
The costs incurred in sending the item(s) to our address for exchange or return purposes will be borne by the customer.

3. How is the refund process?
Upon receipt of the returned item, ALCINO will review it and if the products comply with the established conditions, the customer will be informed of the right to refund. As a general rule, ALCINO reimburses within 1 to 7 working days.

The refund will be made according to the means of payment chosen by the customer in their online purchase or, alternatively, by bank transfer – the customer will be asked to mention the IBAN by e-mail.