Custom Made

We develop and execute jewelry collections for different international brands, with a very own identity and with a concept defined by each creator. We manage each project and monitor all stages: from protototyping, production to collection delivery.

Peças Criadas de Raiz

Solutions to your image

We are your best ally and we find solutions to the challenges that are proposed to us – as creatives and manufacturers. Our mission is to present you with the best product and make the whole process that involves the development of a much more fluid and efficient jewelry collection. The process of creating and developing a new collection is complex and full of detail, spanning several steps. Always respecting the brand’s own language and the concept behind each collection, we intervene together with the teams that seek us to materialize their ideas and take over all the management and planning of the production process. The creation of a collection is often assumed to be difficult and demanding, assuming the following phases: prototyping, sales samples, pre-production, production, quality control and delivery. It is a task of enormous demand and responsibility that requires constant creativity, foresight and adaptation. We are prepared to monitor each of these phases to ensure that no detail escapes and that the final product not only matches what is expected but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Your confidence is the best return we can get!

Soluções à Sua Medida